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The Minding Media Game repository includes four fun Minecraft Education worlds, centered around Media Literacy. These include:

“What is Media”, “Advertising Literacy”, “Fake News” and “Social Media”

Take a look at the Teacher’s Handbook below to learn how to utilize the Minecraft Game Worlds and run them in your classroom!

What is Media

You are a reporter working for a local newspaper called Mediaville Today. Your hometown, Mediaville has been chosen to be Town of the month and your task is to make a gallup by asking townspeople why they think Mediaville is the best place to live.

Click on image above for a DEMO video!
Download What is Media World

Advertising Literacy

You’ve just arrived in Mediaville and you’re here to explore this city and help its citizens make wise decisions. You’ll be able to help Tia promote her Donut Shop and also watch a brand-new movie. Are you up for the challenge?

Click on image above for a DEMO video!

Fake News

You arrive in Cosmo City where something odd happens. It seems that all its residents are confused and affected by the fake news floating around the city. Are you able to decipher these news items and help the residents make conscious decisions?

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Download Fake News World

Social Media

You arrive at the bus terminal in the city of MediaWood. You’re here to visit your grandparents and since you haven’t been here in a long time, you’ll need to find your way to them. Can you find them, help them solve challenges, and then catch the bus home in time?

Click image above for DEMO video!
Download Social Media World
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